Is Lil Wayne Really Done?

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Did Lil Wayne retire from rap via early morning tweet? Hmmm.

Weezy has been saying he’s dun for a couple of years now, thanks to escalating hostility with Cash Money Records’ Birdman. Complex has a pretty comprehensive timeline of events, but suffice to say things got ugly enough that threats were made on Lil Wayne’s life.

The Daily News reports that police showed up to the rapper’s Miami home following reports of a shooting, a call that ultimately turned out to be a hoax.


A few hours later, Lil Wayne re-emerged on Twitter to assure fans that he’s alright. What will become of the two new albums he promised just a few short months ago is less clear.

[The Daily News]

Burning Man, an annual gala in which celebrities and techpreneurs gather in dusty unity to drop molly and growth hack, is once again underway. Paris Hilton is there! Cara Delevingne is there! Katy Perry is there, wearing a furry pink surgical mask that looks like it was snatched from the jaws of a toddler.


“AlivE,” she writes, the yarn whipping in her hair. At least til the bugs come!


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I need Wayne to get out this contract and Birdman needs pimp slapping. He’s so gross. Why Toni Braxton is doing that to herself is beyond me. Girl no. Ew Birdman.

Anyhoo, Good Morning Jez y Belles. Time to wake up: