Is Lena Dunham Getting Married In Solidarity With Gay People?

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Lena Dunham made a promise that she would not get hitched until marriage equality was achieved in the US. And after today’s historic Supreme Court decision allowing that gay marriage is protected by the constitution, Dunham posted a total People mag-baiting Tweet at her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff:


Obviously, this Tweet worked, if not with Jack then at least with People, who immediately joined Dunham and her fans in telling Jack to “get on it!”

So, was this Dunham’s way of telling the public that they’re getting hitched? If it is Dunham’s way of announcing they’re getting hitched, does it mean Dunham and Antonoff are getting hitched in solidarity with gay people? And more importantly, did Lena Dunham really wake up at 1 PM on a weekday? Gurrrrrl...

If you care and happen to be one of the five people in New York media who won’t be invited along with the rest of the Jezebel staff and, presumably, everyone at Gawker (maybe Rich), at least we all already know what Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff’s wedding song will be: Taylor Swift’s “We Are In Love,” co-written by: Jack Antonoff.

Also, why don’t these two have a witty portmanteau yet? Leck? Jana? Duntonoff? Antham? No?


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Lena Dunham, the perfect candidate to make gay marriage about herself.