Is Katie Holmes Being Stalked by Scientologists?

If you thought Scientology had a disturbing influence on Katie Holmes's marriage to Tom Cruise, just wait until you see what it's going to do to her divorce. TMZ is reporting that Katie is being followed by a team of Scientologists. Why? Who knows! Maybe they just want to make sure she's safe and happy? Or maybe they're trying to catch her doing something horrible so their master fellow worshipper Tom Cruise has an upper hand in the coming legal battle? Either way, creeps be creepin'. She apparently believes they've been trailing her for the past several weeks—coincidentally about the exact amount of time she and Cruise have been "spending time apart."

Nobody would blame her for being paranoid about the notoriously secretive and strange religion, but this doesn't appear to be all in her head. The photographers who are openly stalking her report that there have been some "mysterious" men and cars tracking Katie's movements. She is also being followed by a "publication," but the Scientologists appear to be running their own separate, extra shady operation. For their part, Scientology took a break from its busy schedule of shedding Thetans to have their lawyer issue a statement saying they're not following Katie or conducting surveillance on her. So use your own Xenu-given powers of reason to decide what you want to believe.


Meanwhile, even though she's potentially being tracked by a pack of watchers, Katie is reportedly looking happier and like she's "been set free." Tom Cruise, however, is not faring so well. He is said to be suffering from a major case of the sadfaces and was NOT smiling when he was spotted taking off in a helicopter from an airport in Iceland where he's shooting a movie. Ruh roh.

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