Is It Really Love If You Only Donate Less Than One Percent of Your Wealth to Your Wife's Election Campaign?

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Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler, a very rich blonde who was appointed to her seat and is now somewhat astonishingly attempting to rebrand herself as a far-right outsider candidate, is struggling in her bid to actually be elected. Recent polls have shown that in the special election for her Senate seat, the Democrat Raphael Warnock is ahead, and Loeffler is battling it out with Doug Collins to see who will make it to second place in what looks like an all but assured runoff.


But luckily for her and terribly for democracy and the rest of us, her husband is perfectly happy to drop millions in support of her bid to cling to power. As the Daily Beast reported, her husband Jeffrey Sprecher, who is the chair of the New York Stock Exchange and who is also very rich, is essentially bankrolling her campaign, funneling millions of dollars into a Loeffler super PAC:

Georgia United Victory was formed in July and, over the following three and a half months, has dropped more than $10 million attacking Loeffler’s top Republican opponent, Rep. Doug Collins. On Thursday, the group filed its first financial disclosure report with the Federal Election Commission, revealing that GUV received $5.5 million, more than half of its funding in the third quarter of the year, from Loeffler’s husband, Jeff Sprecher.

Now $5.5 million may seem like a lot to you and me, but to the Loefflers, it’s merely pocket change—the couple is reportedly worth at least $800 million. Which makes one wonder—is it really true love if you don’t even donate one percent of your wealth to your wife’s super PAC per quarter? Seems kind of like the equivalent of buying a drugstore cologne as a birthday gift to me, but what do I know of love!

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Jeez, do people really believe that cornpone ‘farmer’ look translates to ‘man/woman of the people’ anymore?

Woman looks like she is trying to win a costume contest at the yacht club by proclaiming “Look I am a farmer......I work 16 hours a day, get handouts from the guvment, then complain about how demmycrats are gonna make us socialists!” while chuckling over their lemon drops.