Is Drew Barrymore Cheugy? An Investigation

This week on The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore learned what “cheugy” means and immediately wondered aloud if the word describes her. Ross Matthews, who is very good at what he does (and what he mostly does on The Drew Barrymore Show is serve as Barrymore’s lackey), assured Barrymore that she is not cheugy. “You’re cool,” he told her. Is she, though?


*Checks notes*

*Notes say: Refer to the montage below*

*A survey of those who have viewed the montage below prior to its publishing (i.e. me) says: Cheugy*



You’re gonna do this and not define the word? You guys do know that you have a rapidly aging commentariat, right?

Cheugy: basic, out-of—date, otherwise uncool or not trendy

Be cheugy and be proud, Drew. You’ve been through too much and you’re too much yourself to worry about how a bunch of 20 somethings on TikTok might label you.

I am not into the resurgence of mean girl judgements like cringe and cheugy... how about just let people do themselves and look elsewhere if you don’t like it.

Also please note according to the NYT article, Birkenstocks are not cheugy... yet they most definitely WERE when I was a teen/20 something. I wore them anyway because IDGAF.