'Is Conan a Bottom?' Billy Eichner & Conan O'Brien Check Out Grindr

Conan O'Brien has already learned the ins and outs of Tinder, so what's left to discover in the world of online hookups? Grindr, doy!

Billy Eichner is great as Conan's Grindr sidekick, christening him "Frecklefucker" and joining in a rousing discussion of whether or not Conan is actually straight ("I think I'm straight, but there are times, you know..." "Yeah, like when Ryan Gosling's on the show?"). Then, as tradition dictates, the two jump into a creepy van—this time emblazoned with images of Cher and Liza Minelli, natch—to go meet up with a poor, hapless Grindr user who really was not looking for this type of action when he opened the app.

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"I have a really good feeling about Looking to Suck." That is everything.