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About a month ago I read the news that Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend, a model named Irina Shayk, had become pregnant with their first child. I think I saw the story on People. Or maybe E! Online. Page Six? Wherever it was, I believed it. Why not?, I thought. Seems legit!

As the days and weeks went by, Shayk was rarely written about without first being described as a pregnant person. “Pregnant Irina Shayk” went shopping with Stella Maxwell! “Pregnant Irina Shayk” left Cooper’s house wearing a big ring! “Pregnant Irina Shayk” recreated the pottery scene from Ghost! Irina Shayk was always doing something, and she was always doing it while pregnant.


Or was she? Not every source (read: every source but one) is convinced that Pregnant Irina Shayk is actually pregnant. She may just be—wink wink, nudge nudge—“pregnant.”

What do you think? Is Irina Shayk pregnant, or is she...“pregnant”?