Is Bigger Better? Wrong Question

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Having caught wind of the Marie Claire controversy, a sorta lousy USA Today story asks, "Is bigger better?" People! That is not the question we should be asking.


The writer, Chris Jordan, claims that there "may be a gradual shift in American culture to greater size acceptance." His evidence: Queen Latifah and Mo'Nique's popularity; terrible and embarrassing-for-everyone game show More To Love; and Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray. Yes, the 2002 hit musical Hairspray. He also references Wendy Williams' big feet. Wait, what?


Jordan notes:

While bigger gals are looking good and feeling good about themselves, it's still a world were thin is the ideal body shape.

Exactly. And what's important is not that the world start believing bigger is better — but that bigger is acceptable. That bigger is okay, just as thin is okay. And furthermore, just as you wouldn't say "skinny people are gross," you wouldn't say "fat people are gross." Because what's gross is judging someone by their appearance; what's gross is teaching people to hate themselves.

Is Bigger Better? Large Women Gaining Acceptance [USA Today]

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Can stores listen and start carrying more size 11 shoes please? It's not that abnormal a size, people. But I didn't know our foot size was another thing us females were supposed to feel shame about. Thanks, USA Today!