Is Beyoncé Giving Birth At This Very Second?

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Beyoncé is in labor or possibly/definitely already has babies right now (allegedly) according to the internet. Here are the last documented whereabouts of Beyoncé, an image in front of what appears to be a walk-in closet, posted on May 30th. Which almost certainly means that she in hiding somewhere (in the closet?) with babies.

Oh. my. Beyoncé.

The absence has driven the Beyhive into a frenzy of wild speculation, demanding more bebes. The most concrete basis for the rumors so far is in a reader tip to The Shade Room:

My homegirl works at UCLA Hospital and she spilled some tea about my girl Queen Bey!

She told me that Beyoncé and her team showed up to the hospital and that they’re in the process of shutting down the whole 5th floor. She also said that they’re moving patients to another building.


Because like naiads sprung from a goddess, do Beyoncé twins exist if nobody has seen them?

Further definitive photographic proof that Mariah Carey is dating: Mariah Carey has posted evidence of a romantic event in Napa with her ex-boyfriend, backup singer Bryan Tanaka. This should confirm rumors that the couple has reunited after breaking up in April. The coupling was initially announced in these deeefinitely not staged close-up seaside candids of Mariah Carey “spotted” by the Daily Mail in November 2016, reminiscent of images with Nick Cannon.

Surprisingly Kate McKinnon, who does a national service with her impressions of Hillary Clinton, Jeff Sessions, and Kellyanne Conway didn’t actually follow politics before SNL. She tells Tina Fey in an interview for the new issue of Elle:

I wasn’t a newspaper person until I got hired here. You have to get ideas from somewhere, and when the election began, I began reading [the New York Times]. Now it’s an everyday thing. When we’re off, I try not to do it as much because you want to have a moment of joy.


In case you missed it, she got to reprise her Jeff Sessions impression last night on Late Night, telling Seth Meyers how the role dovetails nicely with her gift for transforming her mouth into a turtle’s beak (she’s honed it in previous skits like Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump).

With SNL on hiatus, she misses getting to participate. “There’s a party, and I’m not there. I know it’s going on because I read about it on the internet!”


We miss you too.

  • In less-anticipated babies (sorry), Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid have posted a photo of their newborn Caiden Zane. Not much is visible, though. [Instagram]
  • Amal and George Clooney, who have had the decency to announce their babies, have not shown photos; Clooney’s father Nick (probably as a distraction?) reveals that they met at a dinner party. [People]
  • Lake Bell has emerged after having her baby. [People]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is super cute with Tobey Maguire’s babies (aged 10 and 8). [TMZ]
  • Wow, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s babies are in their twenties. Also Nicole Kidman is turning 50. [People]
  • Ariana Grande will receive honorary citizenship of the city of Manchester for her “great many selfless acts and demonstrations of community spirit” after 22 people were killed in a suicide attack outside her concert on May 22. Her “One Love” concert raised $2.6 million in donations for victims. [BBC]
  • Shannon Doherty’s husband has asked to dismiss a lawsuit against her management team, alleging that it allowed her insurance to lapse, delaying her breast cancer diagnosis, suggesting a possible settlement. [Page Six]

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The Bitterbitch

I realize that I am going to have to dismiss 500 comments, but HOW MUCH MORE FUCKERY HAS TO GO DOWN before people realize this is not a great environment in which to raise children right now?

Yes, yes, I know history and baby boomers and war and I KNOW. But I am in my 40s and I have never been more worried about the state of the world and would never choose to be a new parent right now. Shit is scary