Is Anthony Weiner a Sexual Mongoose or a Regular Mongoose? Only God Can Say!

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In a profile in the New York Times, former congressman and habitual dick pic sender Anthony Weiner claims that his wife, Hillary Clinton aid Huma Abedin, did not give permission to be featured in Weiner, the 2016 documentary charting Weiner’s doomed run for NYC mayor in 2013.


It’s a juicy though dubious tidbit, especially considering how much footage of Huma and their son was shot (often times, even when Weiner wasn’t present) by filmmakers Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg. Even juicier, however, was the reminder that just last week, Weiner was busted for sexting a supposed college student.

The Times’ Mark Leibovich writes:

I spoke to Weiner for about 90 minutes on the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last month. Because of the early deadlines and long lead times of our print edition, almost three weeks elapsed between our discussion and publication — during which The New York Post reported (last weekend) that Weiner seemed to be engaging in more of the kinds of online dalliances that ended his career in Congress in 2011 and blew up his campaign to become mayor of New York in 2013. This time, according to The Post, Weiner was apparently flirting with a college student posing as a female named “Nikki.” (Weiner reportedly boasted to Nikki that he was “deceptively strong . . . like a mongoose.”)

(Emphasis mine.)

I love this comparison because what woman DOESN’T want to fuck a mongoose? They’re definitely the sexiest members of the Herpestidae family. (Rikki Tikki Tavi? More like Rikki Tikki HAVE ME, if you know what I mean.)

This comparison shows what we’ve always known about Weiner: He’s in possession of a savvy mind and always demonstrates great judgement! Question, though: Are we sure he’s simply like a mongoose and not an actual mongoose?

Images via Getty and Shutterstock.
Images via Getty and Shutterstock.

Something to ponder over the weekend!

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ad infinitum

This is your obligatory reminder that whatever you think of American prudery when it comes to the sex lives of politicians, Anthony Weiner didn’t go down for a little harmless consensual sexting. The “accidental” tweet that broke the story was an unsolicited dick pic sent to a college student who had tweeted him about politics, and who was none too happy to find herself in the national spotlight because a politician she admired figured that any attractive woman who agreed with his political stances obviously wanted to see his penis.

I don’t think infidelity and/or sexting of the consensual variety has much to do with fitness for office. I do think responding to an attractive female constituent with an unsolicited dick pic is a pretty good sign that Weiner has abominable judgment, and that it gives women in particular a very valid reason to feel he’s not capable of adequately representing them.