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Is Angelina Jolie High On Coke In This Video?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A drug dealer — always a trustworthy news source — claims that Angelina Jolie was on cocaine during an interview with Charlie Rose in 2000 to promote Girl, Interrupted.

Franklin Meyer, who spent eight months in jail (Rikers!) for cocaine possession, says he met Angie in 1997 at the Chelsea Hotel. Meyer allegedly saw Angie two to three times a week when she was in New York, and "She would generally spend about $100 each time. That would buy maybe half a gram of coke and a 10th of a gram of heroin."

Meyer tells Life & Style that Angelina had "taken coke" before her 2000 interview with Charlie Rose, and, "She did the show and then she came back over after."

That Charlie Rose interview is online, and there are portions in which Angelina is rambling and mumbling. She starts sentences that she doesn't finish, searches for words and changes her train of thought. Her eyes dart around and even twitch at times. But! She was 25, a new-ish young actress, possibly nervous… and her mother, whom she adored, was sitting right on the side of the set, just off camera. So it's possible that when she's looking around, she's looking at her mother. OR! She is high. Here's a snippet:

And another little clip. Here, she is circumlocutiously chatting about Gia, the model she played in Gia.

Even if she is on coke, well, so what? 99% of Hollywood has been high for years. More notable is the fact that Life & Style dug up her old drug dealer. And — you'll see this in Midweek Madness— the mag is calling this ten-year-old clip "THE VIDEO THAT WILL SPLIT BRAD & ANGIE." Hilarious.


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