Nothing to see here, just a normal sign from a cool residential management company with specific noise control instructions for black people. No big deal at all.

I saw this screenshot via @lenubienne on Twitter, and my immediate response, as yours might be, was it had to be Photoshopped. But itā€™s from a woman who Instagrammed the flyer from her apartment complex elevator last night. She took a second photo, and a video that shows the flyer clearly. ā€œThis is what it means to be black in Irvine,ā€ she says. ā€œGeneralizations.ā€ Her friend chimes in: ā€œBlatant racism, with no regard to our personal feelings.ā€


ā€œOnly two are posted, and itā€™s just in my building,ā€ she says. ā€œAnd Iā€™m black. WE ALL BLACK.ā€

(Shoutout to this girl, though; her nails look great.)

This is the most blatant racism Iā€™ve seen in a minute, and 100% illegal under multiple provisions of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and the Unruh Civil Rights Act. Weā€™ve called Toscana Management and are awaiting their comment.


Updated: Marty McKenna, a representative for Equity Residentialā€”the publicly traded company that manages 400 apartment complexes in 12 states, including the Toscana Apartmentsā€”told me by email, ā€œThis flyer was not created or posted by Equity Residential. We are investigating the source. We are outraged by the content and it does not match our core values as a company.ā€ McKenna also told Gawker that ā€œit is unlikely that a Toscana employee would post the notice without the knowledge or authorization of Equity Residential.ā€

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