Ireland Has Legalized Gay Marriage

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Ireland will become the first country to legalize gay marriage through popular vote. Though the country isn’t done counting votes, it seems that that victory was so overwhelming that the campaign declared victory earlier today. According to The Guardian, “all trends are pointing to at least a 2-1 majority in favour.” An official announcement will be made later this afternoon.

Via the newspaper:

The expected huge yes vote from the republic’s electorate will mark another major milestone in Ireland’s journey from a Catholic church-dominated state to a more liberal, secular society. Gay rights campaigners said the pro-same sex marriage message from Ireland will also bolster their struggle for LGBT equality across the world.


Ireland decriminalized homosexuality in 1993.

Supporters for same-sex marriage raise a cheer at Dublin Castle as they wait for the result of the referendum on May 23, 2015. Image via Getty.

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Emma Golddigger


First of all, can I be the first douchebag to say that the basic human rights of a minority shouldn’t even be up for a vote? I’m glad the right side won, and it’s a lot better than what Ireland was doing before (denying the minority their basic human rights, no questions asked) but people shouldn’t even have the option to make decisions by popular vote like “should gay people be allowed to get married?” or “should black people be allowed to marry white people?” and “should Jews be allowed to own property?”

Second of all, can we give the Pope any credit for this? I know he still opposes gay marriage, and I know the main people to thank are the gay couples and their allies who fought for the cause. But do you think that because Francis has put less emphasis on social issues like homosexuality than his predecessors, Catholics might have been less virulently and monolithically committed to voting no than they otherwise would have been? Or more willing to put this up for a vote in the first place? I have no idea if there’s any truth to this theory; I’m just curious.

Third of all, YAY! Good job, Ireland, you made Oscar Wilde proud today!