Ireland will become the first country to legalize gay marriage through popular vote. Though the country isnā€™t done counting votes, it seems that that victory was so overwhelming that the campaign declared victory earlier today. According to The Guardian, ā€œall trends are pointing to at least a 2-1 majority in favour.ā€ An official announcement will be made later this afternoon.

Via the newspaper:

The expected huge yes vote from the republicā€™s electorate will mark another major milestone in Irelandā€™s journey from a Catholic church-dominated state to a more liberal, secular society. Gay rights campaigners said the pro-same sex marriage message from Ireland will also bolster their struggle for LGBT equality across the world.

Ireland decriminalized homosexuality in 1993.

Supporters for same-sex marriage raise a cheer at Dublin Castle as they wait for the result of the referendum on May 23, 2015. Image via Getty.