iPhone 7 Hissing With Disapproval At Its New Owner

The iPhone 7 has arrived, and—apparently—it’s an especially temperamental model. Many who have already acquired Apple’s latest toy say that the phone emits a peculiar hissing noise when it is engaged in too much activity.

As Select/All reports, the precise terminology for a phone working at high capacity is “under load.” 512 Pixel’s Stephen Hackett recorded the noise and created the video you see above.


“As my iPhone 7 Plus was restoring from iCloud, I thought I noticed some sound,” Hackett writes. “After picking the device up from my desk, it was clear the sounds are coming from back of the phone...It seems to get worse if the iPhone is under load. It’s loud enough to be heard even if the iPhone is just sitting on the desk.”

Hackett also notes that Apple will replace his phone which, well, they should! And if you’ve already ordered yours, don’t despair. Engadget ran tests on an iPhone 7 and did not detect any problems. Hopefully the fussy phones are a mere fluke.

Then there’s this guy, who is probably smarter than the rest of us suckers:

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Will it also shit on the floor, develop herpes, or come down with pancreatitis? If so, I think I’ve found my new pet.