Behold the latest, greatest art movement: Shelter cat abstract, painted via iPad.

The BBC reports that this very important development in the history of the visual arts is the brainchild of Valeria Higgins, a volunteer at the Belfast Adoption Centre. She discovered an iPad game where cats can paint by following the movements of a squeaky goldfish with their paws. Before long, residents such as Brutus, Captain Cuddles and Admiral Snuggles were hard at work.

Each of the cats has his own approach, Higgins told the Belfast Telegraph:

"Some were very keen to start painting and would cover the whole canvas within a matter of seconds, while others would look at the screen and ponder what they wanted to draw – ending up with just a single paw print in the middle of the painting."


Ultimately the shelter decided to put prints of several up for sale at its annual holiday fundraiser, at prices ranging from £1 to £10 for framed paintings. Unfortunately, it's not clear whether they plan to sell any more, though a calendar could probably keep the cats in Fancy Feast for quite some time.

That said, you could always frame this picture of Banjo with his handiwork for all your last-minute gift-giving needs:


Images via Cats Protection