Introducing Jezebel's New Columnist, Marjorie St. John-Blythe

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Spring is the time of new beginnings, and so I'm happy to announce a new addition to the Jezebel team: Meet Marjorie St. John-Blythe, our newest columnist! Marjorie comes to us from across the pond — the Daily Mail, to be more precise (and no, the irony of Jezebel adopting a refugee from the "daily fail" has not escaped us).


The daughter of a proud Englishman, Marjorie, 34, originally hails from Windsor, Ontario — "Don't ask," she tells us — but her family returned to West London ("A Chelsea girl at heart!") shortly before Marjorie began her 6th Year. Though her youth in North America was relatively short, it sparked a global curiosity in her that led to a gap year spent exploring East Africa, and her eventual enrollment at New Delhi's Jawal Nehru University. After some post-graduate backpacking in South America (we're jealous!), she began covering Ushuaia for the Mail and eventually returned to London to continue on her impressive career path at the paper.

During her 4 years on the Mail's rotating roster of all-star columnists, Marjorie has tackled a wide array of subjects, including dating, beauty, society, and politics. She's made her name on taking to task those institutions that need it the most at any given moment; some of her most groundbreaking pieces tackled the evils of miniature pony breeding, what the cuticle industry doesn't want us to know, and why peonies are the most useless of flowers.

As I've read Marjorie over the years, I've become quite a fan, continually impressed by the depth of her knowledge on diverse topics; her thoughts are often poignant or clever, but always captivating. I'm thrilled to welcome her to the coven!

(And she's on Team Cat, though doesn't quite get the Hobbes thing.)


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