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Hello and welcome to Flygirl, Jezebel’s new travel site that has nothing to do with In Living Color. (Though that’s an idea worth pursuing down the line.)


Flygirl will not be your standard-issue travel publication; we are not purveyors of the absurd or the impossible. We don’t believe a trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to Colette, we are not going to tell you about extended luxury retreats in Bhutan, we have no opinion on Copenhagen’s best furniture stores and we’re sure as hell not going to tell you that Copenhagen is so 2014. We may have recommendations, but only in the spirit of sharing our experiences.

Flygirl’s philosophy is pretty simple. Leaving your comfort zone is good, the world is quite large, and travel for travel’s sake is a wonderful thing that we should all experience. (The fact that we can ride a “chair in the sky is a miracle in and of itself.) Mary Ritter Beard, an American suffragist and activist, had a good take: “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Word? Yeah.

But getting where you want to go can often be tricky, if not excruciating. So Flygirl will talk about the process of traveling—how to get where you want to go without losing our minds (usually this involves air travel, because the most common means of long-distance travel also happens to be the most torturous). In addition to diving into peculiarities and bullshit, we’ll offer tips and tricks to make getting to your destination a bit more tolerable.

We’re also interested in what happens once you arrive. Women on the road: Flygirl is very, very into this. We’re looking for submissions, first person accounts of your adventures and explorations in the great, wide world. Tell us what you’ve seen out there, from a week in the woods to a month in Mongolia. Perhaps you got knocked up by a Chilean miner, or got lost in Alaska and became Grizzly Woman (except you lived to write about it). Whether your travels take you near or far makes no difference; that you went anywhere at all is the point. Interesting and unique experiences are welcome, watercolor musings on finding love—and yourself—amongst the mesas of New Mexico are not.

Got a story or an idea? Email me.

Images, clockwise from top left: Central, Hong Kong; Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; Tikal, Guatemala; Kyoto, Japan; Cappadocia, Turkey; Positano, Italy; Budapest, Hungary; Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia. All via Shutterstock.


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Any plans to have a feature about affordable travel options/advice for people on a tight budget? I would love to travel more, but both my boyfriend and I make very little money. We'd both love to travel out of the country (I have before, he hasn't) but aren't 100% sure how to make that happen or where we could afford to go.