Interview Puts Kim Kardashian in Jackie Kennedy Drag, Calls Her 'America’s New First Lady'

Image via Interview
Image via Interview

There are few contemporary visual concepts more tired than references to Jackie Kennedy, but that doesn’t mean the world won’t keep throwing them at us every once in a while. (Nor does it mean we’ll ever stop gobbling them up.)

Americans love to love the former First Lady—her White House years specifically—and are happy to look at any new image of a celebrity styled in a fitted wool Chanel dress, gloves, and brunette bouffant frozen by six cans of Aqua Net atop her pensive, distant stare. And if they’re flanked by well-dressed children (their own, if possible), even better!

This is why it should surprise no one that Kim Kardashian West and her daughter North are on the cover of the latest issue of Interview in their best Kennedy drag. This image, coupled with the headline “AMERICA’S NEW FIRST LADY” (a piece written by Janet Mock) feels well overdue for Kim—despite the fact that the Kardashian’s have been referred to as “AMERICA’S FIRST FAMILY” in the past.


Turn on this haunting track from Mica Levi’s Jackie score and take a look at some more images from the shoot, even though you’ve seen them all before.

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The Noble Renard

Hard pass.

Michelle Obama is already America’s First Lady, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.