Video of a Québécois cat fighting off a bear went viral on Digg yesterday afternoon, but it's no surprise that cats are badasses. Take a look at how our feline friends fare against other species:

Earlier, we saw what happens when a dog gets in a cat's way (and the cat has access to a Roomba). In this video, a cat defends herself against a litter of puppies without lifting a paw.

This fox thinks kitty is on the menu tonight, but the cat scares him off without even having to call for backup.

This cat does get scared off when he realizes he's facing two ferrets, not one, but we're disqualifying the ferrets for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Is there a Childhood Cat Trauma Foundation for goats?

No cats were harmed in the making of this video. The same cannot be said for snakes.

Cats could even take us in a fight! Apparently when cats fight the law... cats still win.

But what about the classic struggle of cat vs. technology? Felines may rule the animal kingdom, but even they're no match for a Hewlett-Packard.

The Most Awesome Cat Ever Attacking A Bear [Digg]

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