Instead of Spilling the Tea, Wendy Williams Is Sipping the Orange Juice This Week

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Wendy Williams is out sick this week, with her show on hiatus as a result of what she calls “flu-ish” symptoms.

“It’s not the flu yet, but I feel flu-ish,” she said in an Instagram video, posted on Valentine’s Day. “It’s not a five on a scale of one to five. It’s not even a four. I do go to the doctor’s today to find out exactly what it is.”


It’s bad enough to keep her sidelined with illness for the first time since she started her show, she says, and in the middle of a record flu breakout. “I feel awful. I had to be talked out of not going to work today and taking off a few days to get myself together ’cause I’m a thoroughbred,” she says. “Take off sick? What? No. Never.”

When Wendy fainted during her show in October, it was cause for concern. This week, she chose to cancel episodes of The Wendy Williams Show and stay home, as one should.

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