First there was the tour of Courtney Love's gorgeous apartment—complete with an up-close view of her vision board—and now Styleist is taking us inside her wardrobe. Since most of C-Lo's skeletons are on full public display, there's plenty of room available in her closet, and she's filled it to the brim with a lot of very cool clothes.


She happily shows off some of her own creations and everything from a Nicole Richie dress to an Herve Leger bandage dress ("For the Hamptons!")—all while smoking a cigarette, which adds an element of tension to the affair since you spend most of the video wondering if she's going to accidentally light the whole stockpile of synthetics on fire. She offers up plenty of good quips along the way ("I'm big on a glove!") and flits around the closet in her usual frenetic fashion, but overall she is surprisingly lucid when it comes to talking fashion history. You have to hand it to the girl: she's got taste—and also a fondness for utilitarian blouses, unusual accessories like depression-era powder puffs, and boudoir hats.

Courtney Love's Closet Tour With Scott Lipps [Styleist]

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