Insane 'Save the Date' Wedding Video Has Helicopters, Lots of Ballers

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No, this isn't a sleek new video from some Jay Z protege you haven't heard of yet. It's a 'Save the Date' wedding video for a couple in San Francisco. Seriously.


According to the Above the Law blog, the video serves as announcement of the coupling of two high-profile San Francisco attorneys, Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz. They are not fucking around with this save the date shit. Not at all:

Want to see what it looks like when a fourth-year Weil Gotshal associate plans to marry a family law practitioner from a small firm? It looks like it's going to rival the epic display of elegance and class that is the upcoming Kimye wedding.....Feast your eyes upon one way to spend your Weil bonus money.


Presented as what looks like a trailer for a Michael Bay movie, the video is a glorious heralding of the arrival of this soon-to-be officially coupled power couple, stuffed with luxury retail items and lots and lots of slow motion shots. Because nothing says "our wedding is union based on mutual trust and respect" than slo-mo sauntering through a smokey club filled with gyrating hotties. By the way, the entire thing is rated PG-13. That's right. They gave themselves a PG-13 rating.

Truly, the most shocking thing about this video is that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had nothing to do with it. I wonder how pissed they are about that. "Baaaabe. I want to have helicopters swooping across the city to announce our wedding." "DON'T WORRY BABY. I WILL GET YOU ALL THE HELICOPTERS. I WILL HAVE MORE HELICOPTERS IN OUR VIDEO THAN THEY HAD IN APOCALYPSE NOW!"

If you were hoping to send them a nice wedding gift like the crock pot you bought on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond for your cousin's wedding you can forget about it. Because while they have an extremely BOSS wedding website (called they don't have any other details like where they are registered or where the wedding is taking place.


This is all very misleading though, because I heard they are actually going to have a very low key, low budget wedding that unfortunately won't live up to the hype of this video. They plan to wed at City Hall, followed by an informal reception at the Mirage Banquet Hall and Motel in Walnut Creek. They're going to serve a nice cheese plate along with some Gallo wines. The whole thing sounds just lovely.

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You know what? This is totally how Tom Haverford would get married. This looks like an extra straight out of Parks and Rec.