Davis isn’t alone in her influencer migration. One of the women behind The Home Edit, a home organization company based out of Los Angeles, New York and Nashville, has also decided to embark on a cross-country RV road trip and document her journey for 1.5 million Instagram followers. On Friday, the official Home Edit account posted that co-founder Clea Shearer, her mother-in-law, her husband John and their two kids were leaving on a cross-country road trip from California to Nashville. “We figured it was the safest and most responsible way to travel home,” the caption reads in language almost identical to Davis’s, adding, “#socialdistancing #quarantine.” (Jezebel has reached out to Naomi Davis and The Home Edit for comment and will update when they respond.)

Someone who was actively participating in #socialdistancing might note that California was placed under a “stay at home” order not long after New York, and that leaving for a cross-country vacation adventure is in direct opposition to it. Even worse, The Home Edit posted a multi-part Instagram story describing a large grocery, specifying that they made sure to use “gloves to unpack, wiped everything with colored, cleaned all produce, and sanitized the countertops” once it arrived. I wonder, would they take such precautions on the road, during the inevitable bathroom break or gas station stop? Should the safety of those they come in contact with be dependent on Shearer maintaining this diligence, even when it’s not her own family at risk?