Infamous List at Missouri High School Rattles Off Awful Rumors About Senior Girls

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A Missouri mother is calling for an end to a really shitty tradition at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, whereby junior boys make a list crudely detailing the sexual proclivities, general hygiene and physical appearances of senior girls. School officials have insisted that they will try really super hard to get to do some extra sleuthing about the list, but, gosh darn, it sure is hard to stop kids from being assholes. That explanation has so far not satisfied Ruth Ahlemeier, who has warned that the school's "tradition" may end in court, as its annual appearance seems, in her estimation, to constitute a civil rights violation.


The school estimates that the tradition started about 30 years ago when male students at Ladue decided to make a compendious record of their awfulness that could vaguely haunt them and the targets of their meanness for the rest of their adult lives. Though she has a copy of last year's list, Ahlemeier has refused to reveal the authors' names because, she explains, "I'm not doing this to get those boys in trouble, because the school district has allowed this to go on for so long that it was a culture." By way of explanation, Ladue's principal Dr. Bridget Hermann told local news KDSK, "Students at our high school at times make some pretty poor decisions," which, though probably true (as it is of any high school), is a rhetorical way of shrugging away a nagging problem that probably merits serious attention.

Mother calls for end of ‘ugly tradition' at Ladue Horton Watkins High School [KSDK]



My opinion on this depends on what she means when she says “The school allowed this to go on for too long.”

Does she mean that, upon seeing the lists, the school did not seek to punish known offenders? Or does she mean that the school should have proactively stopped the list from being created and disseminated in the first place.

If the former: yeah. Piss poor.

If the latter: There’s no too much you can do to stop this aside from harshly punishing confirmed offenders.

The list itself sucks, but it's not the school's fault.