Inexperienced SoulCycle Student Sues Over Ankle Injury

A SoulCycle amateur is suing the company after allegedly suffering an ankle injury on one of their torturous bikes.

SoulCycle, a highly intensified version of spin class for crazies and people who like emotional torment, requires customers to wear sneakers with attachments that lock you into the bike pedals. There’s no escape!

Actually, there is, but you must learn. In her lawsuit, Carmen Farias claims she suffered an ankle injury during a class in 2014 because the SoulCycle teacher failed to properly educate her.

TMZ reports:

Farias says she started riding but quickly tired and the instructor barked, “We don’t take breaks.”

Farias says she was so embarrassed she soldiered on, as her feet were locked to the pedals. She says she became so fatigued she fell off the bike with her feet still strapped in ... but the momentum of the fly wheel kept the pedals turning, and each rotation caused ankle dislocation.


Farias cites “the bikes and lack of instruction,” according to TMZ, as the cause of her injury.

So it’s not that this intensely soulful instructor ignored her request for assistance; it’s that the student simply didn’t ask for help.




Image via Netflix

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