Indya Moore's Style Is Whatever She Wants It to Be

Like that .gif of Kim Kardashian smacking Khloe over the head with a purse, Indya Moore wishes we could all be a little kinder and more respectful of each other.

“The realest thing [to me] is being yourself unapologetically, being kind, being respectful. We like to treat being respectful like a privilege and not a responsibility,” she told Jezebel. “The wackest thing, for me, is and always has been people making judgments without information.”


Moore stars as Angel on Pose, the Ryan Murphy-produced FX drama set in New York’s 1980s ballroom scene which wraps its first season Sunday night. It has been so compelling to watch Angel navigate the murky waters of power, desire, community, and care as she makes sense of her life in the present and considers what she wants it to look like going forward. I have a difficult, if not impossible, time trying to imagine the character without Moore bringing her to life week by week, not to mention the Pose writers room that includes series co-producer and director Janet Mock.

Pose taught me that representation matters. The fact that they’ve used trans black and brown people to tell the stories of trans black and brown people reaffirmed to me that art can really be used constructively and helping to deconstruct social hierarchy and power dynamics throughout demographics of people,” she said.


Watch the full interview above.

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“...treating respect like a privilege and not responsibility...”

LOVE this! So stealing this line.

P.S. Ms. Walker...I love your poloroid-esque pic.