Indonesian High School Educator Proposes 'Virginity Tests' for Girls

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An Indonesian education official proposed a brilliant idea that would eradicate teen sex-having forever: force female senior high school students to undergo "virginity tests" so that they're too embarrassed to have premarital sex or get into prostitution. Nobel prize for this guy!

"Virginity tests" are obviously so very horrible from a human rights/every other perspective — it's physically violating and emotionally traumatizing to test girls' hymens (boys can screw around, of course) to make sure they're "pure." But the proposal is also totally nonsensical. You can break your hymen doing all sorts of non sex-related activities! AND you can participate in all sorts of sex-related activities — for profit or pleasure — without breaking your hymen.

The good news is that Indonesian officials on Tuesday dismissed the brainiac's solution as excessive and unethical. The bad news is that it wasn't the first time a similar plan was proposed, and it won't be the last.



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I can't even wrap my mind around how gross and awful this is so I'm gonna go off on a tangent instead.

I totally have no memory of ever breaking, or indeed, having a hymen. I was a pretty rambunctious kid so I'm sure I could have busted it riding horses or falling on my ass but I never noticed it. Anyone else?