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The state of our nation is bleak enough without ducklings needlessly perishing in our waters. Thankfully, the city of Indianapolis agrees, and has implemented measures to safeguard the wee paddling fluff bundles that frequent its downtown canal. Its solution: tiny floating rafts.

According to Atlas Obscura, these rafts were installed after the city learned some harrowing news: ducklings had drowned due to their inability to leave the canal. We can all agree that this is fucking unacceptable, and that swift action was crucial.


The city commissioned the building of four small rafts made of wood and insulation—this combination enables them to float—and installed them at different points of the canal. Ideally, they will help ducklings and other small, semi-aquatic darlings to surmount the waterway’s thick concrete edge. Here’s a picture of one:

PETA has voiced its support, commending the city of Indianapolis for “doing the right thing in striving to coexist with local wildlife.”

One caveat: these ramps will make it far easier for ducklings to wander to the street. But if you need a refresher course on how to handle that, Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings should more than suffice.

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