Indianapolis Colts Donate $100K to Domestic Violence Charity

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At least one NFL team is doing what League leadership won't. In a move that's impressive for both its generosity and delicious levels of Ray Rice Debacle shade, the Indianapolis Colts have announced they're donating $100,000 and the proceeds of their home opener 50/50 raffle to a local domestic violence charity.

The team announced the news via press release today.

"Domestic violence continues to be one of the most significant threats to one of our countries most important treasures – our families," said Colts Vice Chairs/Owners Carlie Irsay-Gordon, Casey Foyt and Kalen Irsay in a joint statement. "For many years, our family and the entire Colts organization has worked closely with several wonderful organizations focused on preventing abusive situations and helping women and children affected by domestic violence. As daughters, sisters, wives and mothers, we are committed to standing against domestic violence and supporting organizations like the Julian Center that are working tirelessly to provide shelter, resources and hope for families."

As one of the team's longest standing partners in preventing domestic violence and one of the largest facilities of its kind in the country, the Julian Center serves more than 6,500 women and children each year throughout Central Indiana.


Missing from the release is any mention of Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens, Roger Goodell, or the mysterious female NFL exec who received the security footage of Ray Rice knocking out his fiancee via a punch to the face. But you don't need to name names to throw shade.

Kudos to the Colts for actively giving a shit.

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I love that it's the Colts who did this. Just one little extra fuck you to Baltimore.