Incredibly Sensual Couple Punished for Sharing Their Love on Instagram

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Love is alive and so is sex. Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel, two uninhibited lovers from Australia, are speaking out after facing censorship from Instagram over their dangerously sensual photos.

The sex-loving and -having couple has been public about their mission to promote sexuality through the medium of Instagram—mostly by posting photos of their sometimes explicit love, along with nuggets of advice.


Says Mitch in one of his captions: “We’re sharing some of our experiences because we want people to be openly talking about sex in their relationships...We’re not experts, but we’re happy and we’d like to think that these posts have inspired or helped some of you with your partners.”

Sally, meanwhile, writes: “Our sex life has never been better. We decided others might enjoy and be inspired by it.” RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

Unfortunately, the Instagram community understands neither love nor eroticism, so these posts apparently keep getting flagged and deleted.


Mitch explained the tragic deletion in a caption that reads in part:

I get it @sallymustang and I definitely pushed the boundaries with that one (among others). That post was much more focused on the physical aspect of our relationship. In a way it went against what we set out to do with these posts, but we had the bigger picture in mind - it drew a huge amount of attention to our posts and mentality on a whole, and that’s how we see it as being affective. Sex is a huge part of who I am, it’s actually been a far more significant part of my life than my art has.


Sally shared similar sentiments and explained the origins of the deleted post:

The story is pretty magical actually. I met this man who had a flower farm, my mind went - ding✨ I Came home with bucket loads of flowers. I asked my good friend and make up artist @pheobefever to come over to create something special, and Ming from @thedrifterblog to come capture the moment.


It goes on:

Mitch and I cut the stems off all the flowers scattered them around our back yard, and made out while Ming took photos, it was a really creative expression for me. The colours and beauty of the flowers represented our love and afterwards, we wrote together over dinner, remembering an afternoon that was especially raunchy for us.


And goes into deeper detail:

The writing was about a particular summer day when we desperate for each other’s bodies. It was consuming and powerful. It was definitely written on a more physical level. Not so much the spiritual or emotional side of sex.


Please indulge in some of their other posts.







Speaking of books, the pair plans on writing one about love. Everyone should read it.

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