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Incredible Pointy-Toed Mexican Boots Poised To Take Over The World

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Any time we read "The mystery man from Huizache, a nearby village, wore his new boots to Mesquit Rodeo nightclub, where he danced bandido style with a handkerchief hiding his mouth and nose," in an AP story, we know things are about to get interesting. Especially when the mystery man from Huizache ends up starting a fad for insane pointy toed Mexican boots. "At the beginning there were people who would criticize us and would say, 'How tacky that you are wearing that. I wouldn't wear them,'" said Miguel Hernandez, of the dance troupe Los Parranderos. "But we feel good dancing with the pointy boots." [AP]


Britney Spears is on the new cover of Harper's Bazaar. [Racked]

And here's the June Vogue, with Penelope Cruz, but of course you already saw that. [DS]


W's new beauty issue features a black-and-white editorial of Sui He, Emily Baker, and Joan Smalls. [Fashionista]

  • Fendi is fighting with the South Korean government over fur. The brand is planning an enormous fashion show on two barges on Seoul's Han river for 1200 invited guests. (Fendi is fond of these international showpieces — it once staged a show on the Great Wall of China.) But the government, under pressure from local animal-welfare groups, has asked that Fendi not show any fur. Fendi says it would rather not show at all than not show fur. "Fur is part of the DNA of Fendi." [WWD]
  • Story time with Michael Kors! How did he get his start in fashion? He went to FIT, graduated, and failed to get a job at Bergdorf's or Bendel's. So he went to Lothar's, a store that sold, says Kors, "French, skintight, very Brigitte Bardot, Saint Tropez jeans" that cost $130. " I walked into the store actually thinking, You know, I didn't get a job, but maybe I could buy some pants. Of course, when I was in the store I realized they were $130 and I don't have $130 and I started talking to one of the sales girls and she said, we're actually looking for part-time help. And she looked at me and said, you know you get a discount in the store and you get a free outfit, so I was like, I'M HERE." [The Cut]
  • A writer for Racked asked a Federal Trade Commission lawyer why it is that bloggers are subject to disclosure requirements whenever they make mention of anything a brand has given them for review, or whenever a brand has given them something not available to the general public (technically, you're supposed to disclose if you attended an event not open to the public, like a fashion show, even though going to fashion shows is kind of a fashion writer's job) — but magazines are required to do none of these things. No particular reason, said the lawyer, in so many words. Well, now the FTC says this: "the Endorsement Guides apply across the board. We're not as concerned with the medium, rather, whether or not readers understand the relationship between the writer and the company. If there's a blogger out there who gets freebies all the time and the readers understand that, then they wouldn't necessarily have to disclose. Conversely, if there's a print writer out there where the relationship isn't obvious that they're being compensated in some way, then they are required to disclose. As it is, in most cases people understand in print what the relationship is. That isn't the same for blogs at this time." So, because the FTC believes readers know ladymags are for sale to the highest bidder, no rules! Because the FTC believes readers think blogs are innocent of all commercial concerns, lots of rules! Two things: 1. "Perverse incentives." 2. Do readers actually know about all the stuff women's magazine staffers get — the lookbooks from major designers that just happen to arrive on iPads, the generous discounts, the free clothes and accessories, the high fees they charge brands (brands they also cover) for "consulting," the overseas junkets? Do readers really know all this? Or would a little disclosure do an industry good? [The Cut]
  • Ralph Lauren is submitting to his first TV interview in 20 years (what? yeah, that's what Women's Wear Daily says) with Oprah Winfrey. Bet Lauren thinks she'll be a soft touch, too — just wait till she goes all James Frey on his ass. [WWD]
  • Lily Aldridge married Caleb Followill. The bride wore a custom Vera Wang gown. [Telegraph]
  • Naomi Campbell won't say if she's Kate Moss's bridesmaid. "Now that would be telling. But I am so proud of Kate. I love Jamie and I can't wait for the wedding. Jamie's such a nice guy, he's the one for her. It's going to be an amazing day and I'm on the phone with her all the time." Campbell also says even once Kate gets married, "we'll still party." [Vogue UK]
  • Jade Cole says she turned down an offer to appear on ANTM's all-star reunion season. "I declined #ANTM cycle 17 immensely because my contract was completely Bogus and one sided! To be Honest #ANTM is all about making "their money" and they do not care about us period! These girl's just signed there Rights and Life away! Best of Luck to them cause they sure are going to need it!" [@jcsupermodel, @jcsupermodel, @jcsupermodel]
  • Oooh! Something Gisele Bündchen finds hard! Ttaking a kid on an airplane. That makes Gisele sweat. [Vogue UK]
  • The website Bag Snob designed a collection of five handbags with DKNY. [WWD]
  • Horacio Silva is leaving T and the New York Times. He's going to consult on digital strategy for luxury brands. "I might finally take Qaddafi up on his offer to curate his wardrobe for the Costume Institute," he jokes. [The Cut]
  • Jason Wu's official Twitter, @MissW_NY, launches today — the conceit is that the Tweets are written by the company logo, an owl. A bird who Tweets. Get it? New website coming on June 6. [WWD]
  • Some actress (?) named Shenae Grimes is "interning" at Teen Vogue this summer. [WSJ]
  • H&M's same-store sales rose 11% year-on-year in the month of April, after falling 5% in March. [WWD]
  • First-quarter profits at Dillard's rose 57.5% over the same period last year. [WWD]
  • J.C. Penney's profits during the same period rose 6.7%. [WWD]