In Trump's America, Boobs and Death Are Very Reliable Restaurant Themes

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Even deplorables must eat, and when they do, they evidently like their servers strapped into bullet belts. Bombshells, a military-themed restaurant chain based in Texas that features straight-up bomb replicas as decor and boasts a “Defcon 1 Nuclear” wing sauce, has seen a 10.5% spike in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2016. Shares of owner RCI Hospitality increasing nearly 40% since Donald Trump was elected, the New York Post reports.


“I think overall the election is turning out to be very, very, very positive for us so far,” Bombshells Chief Executive Eric Langan said in a conference call, according to the Post. Despite the fact that their website features waitresses in tiny crop tops squeezing their boobs together next to the words “Come meet our bombshell hotties,” and that, according to the Post, waitresses are required to wear their hair down to complement their tiny slivers of military-style fabric, spokesman Gary Fishman claimed to the Post that the chain “is not a so-called ‘breastaurant,’” and management reportedly prefers comparison to the more family-friendly Dave & Buster’s chain.

Whether it claims the title or not, RCI Hospitality is mostly known for its strip clubs; Business Insider notes that “breastaurants” like Hooters and Twin Peaks have over the past few years become booming business in a declining restaurant industry. Bombshells, the Post reports, plans to expand from five Texas locations to up to 100 nationwide over the next five years.

“Bombshell Girls, with their military-inspired uniforms, are a key attraction,” the website’s About Us section reads. “Their mission, in addition to taking care all aspects of Bombshells service, is to interact with guests and generate an engaging atmosphere.”

Despite its apparent financial growth, several Texas locations have two-star Yelp ratings—for whatever that’s worth, Yelp being an inexact and cranky barometer—with patrons complaining mainly about the service (“it looks extremely tacky for your waitresses to be sitting in the corner booth playing uno and looking at their phone,” wrote one reviewer; another: “You cannot run a business in Texas and not have air conditioning! And a full cover charge?? $12 to sit in the fiery pits of hell!!! I swear to God!!!”).

Prepare your digestive systems for more corporate testosterone, coming to a weird metal airplane hangar near you!

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My worst nightmare is being the sort of women whose bloated husband visits one of these places on the reg. And not even being allowed to get annoyed when he wastes hundreds of dollars tipping some 18-yr old he clearly wants to bone. Just supposed to pretend like nothing bothers me. La la la guess I’ll take all this burning rage out on some poor retail workers.

Basically my worst nightmare is being a conservative woman.