In the Future You Might Live in a Lululemon Home

Zen as fuck / Image via Youtube

Imagine this: it’s the year 2021 and you’ve just retreated to your Lululemon Home™. You’ve just spent all day doing barre workouts and posting photos of your favorite luxury bee pollen on your Instagram account. Now, you just want to lounge on your couch made of naturally breathable, sweat-wicking Luxtreme™ fabric.

Later you’ll retreat to your bedroom and, still energized from all the yoga you did in place of eating a real dinner, will be unable to fall asleep naturally. But your bedspread, designed specifically to enhance your sleep, can help you! You scream “SLEEP, ENHANCE” at your blanket and drift into a gentle slumber, dreams of kale juices dancing in your head.


This is what I imagine our athleisure future to be like considering the fact that Lululemon is now designing homewares. For now it’s just a capsule collection between Pottery Barn teens and Lululemon’s teen line Ivivva, but don’t think for a second they won’t be coming for your hard-earned adult cash. Products include a mirror and barre to install in a bedroom so girls can workout in their bedrooms. Bedding is also reportedly designed to “enhance sleep,” whatever that means. A nearly $50 pillow is advertised “a bold message that you’ll love.” The message in question is “BREATHE.” 

Personally, I’ll be buying the $69 “Cosmic Horizon Wall Mural” for the Jezebel office which will inspire us to “keep dreams alive and goals in sight!”

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