Sometimes it feels like you have to get out of the country to see a really interesting premiere — specifically, to Spain, to the Primos premiere.

Elena Ballesteros shows exactly how to do an animal print!

Nuria Gago: short and sweet. (Sparkly, too.)


And can we talk about how serious these ladies are about their shoes? No joke.

I'm a serious sucker for the Miami-retiree combo of coral and white!


As regards the crotch bow: we know where it is!

The same is true of flowers that fan over one's ladybits like a topographical map.


I like Aura Garrido's dress-buckle combo. The less said about the lower half, the better.


No, I can't tell you where to look: Inma Cuesta's already given me whiplash!

Oh, dear. Andrea Ros has lost her pants.

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