In Season 2 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Teaser, Paula Reveals New Doubts About Josh

Photo Credit: Youtube
Photo Credit: Youtube

By the first season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I was aggravated with just about everyone but Paula and deeply dissatisfied with the way things shook out. Specifically, I was disconcerted by the last-minute Rebecca/Josh hookup — primarily because I think Josh is a spineless emotional leech who uses women to validate himself. This teaser scene from the second season reveals that Paula may, for the first time, be doubting Josh’s affections too.

We drop in on the pals a month after the wedding, chatting over hummus. Paula is concerned about Greg, while Rebecca argues that, seeing as he has only texted her once, he’s clearly “fine” and no longer interested in her. And, for that matter, she’s over him. After all, Josh loves her!

But Rebecca is dismayed to learn that Paula no longer regards Josh as her destined mate. In fact, she’s not especially convinced he’s even a suitable match. Being staunchly Team Greg, I support Paula full-throttle, and am generally very anxious for the show to return.


Luckily, we need only wait a few more days! The second season premieres on Friday, October 21.


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I really tried to like this show but Rebecca was terrible! I made it through four episodes and quit. Does she get better? Should I give it a second chance?