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In-Restaurant Photo Booth for Your Dinner Is the Best Idea Ever

Good news for everyone devastated by certain restaurants banning #foodpics in their establishments. The MWEB Dinner Cam is here! (Actually, it is not really A Thing. But it should be.)


Gothamist's post, dripping with disdain, describes how this most important of inventions words:

The "best" part? After sharing the photo to Facebook or whatever, you'll get a printed copy of your photo. What's next, giving someone an actual thumbs up IRL when they do something cool? This isn't the '70s masquerading as the '50s anymore!


Whatever, snobs. Both Tom Haverford and I wish we invented this. And my Millennial Instagram followers will also appreciate how good my food pics look from now on. Gotta feed the beast somehow!

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