In Outlander Season 3, Claire and Jamie Reunite When 'Least Prepared for It'

Photo via Starz
Photo via Starz

I’ve been anxious for the third season of Outlander from the moment I finished the second one—and to be honest, I only did so a few months ago.  But who can be patient considering what’s in store: lush shots of the Scottish Highlands, exquisite 18th century garb, and sex scenes so white-hot we viewers feel a touch voyeuristic.

Those who attended the Outlander Comic-Con panel were treated to an exclusive viewing of season three’s first episode. As for the rest of us, we must tap our feet until September 10.


Meanwhile, Vulture chatted with the cast and asked the leading couple, Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall Fraser) and Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) how their respective characters have changed.

“They’re both under this huge cloud of grief,” said Balfe, “and I think that wears very heavily on them for the rest of their life.”

Balfe explains that Claire wrestles with heartbreak by “[becoming] very work-focused” and abandoning her softer, more romantic self.

“Once you’ve lost a huge part of your heart, for Claire she sort of puts a side of herself to one side, and that shows with her. She’s not fully that passionate, fiery person that we’ve known from seasons past.”


Ugh, how will we bear witnessing this pain? Surely our patience will be rewarded with a swift, uncomplicated reunion celebrated by one and all (and with more sex). Not likely. In fact, Sam Heughan emphasized that when the estranged lovers reencounter one another, it will be particularly jarring. Considering time travel is involved, that makes sense enough.

“When they are reunited, it is probably the point where they’re least prepared for it, because they have moved on and built a new life,” Heughan remarked. “It’s an exciting point for them to meet each other again.”


“Exciting”—that’s definitely the word. I predict that we’ll be subjected to certain agony for a few episodes. But dearest showrunners, please don’t toy with our hearts for too long. Sassenach and her unruly redhead belong together.

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A very good online friend had cancer and we all knew she would not make it to season 3. Some other friends in show biz contacted the show and told them what was happening and asked for some help so she could see what happened. A VP from Sony showed up at her hospice with season 3 in hand and 3 days before she died, she saw it all. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Sony for that gift.