In Honor of International Women's Day, Here's a Web Series About Menstruation Throughout History

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We’re reaching the last scant minutes of International Women’s Day 2016, but never fear: here is an excellent web series called Period Piece that will more or less tell you everything about menstruation throughout history.


Apparently Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent never told us about how ladies got their drunk on in Canaan, which is somehow reminiscent of every gay bar I go to on a Friday night, minus periods.

Here is what the most polite period looked like back in Victorian England. But also, fucking cramps, man. Tea, anyone?

Here’s one that documents what it was like to have your ovaries eject some fetus eggs or whatever in Brooklyn during the 1920s. As the YouTube description aptly states, “and you thought it was embarrassing to buy tampons now...”

Watch the rest of the series here.

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I just got finished reading some crazy Facebook post that a couple friends commented on. Buddy says only ill women menstruate and if we just ate raw we’d never have to worry about it again.

Also we wouldn’t get bagel cancer.