In Historic Moment, Feminine Hygiene Ad Shows Blood

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Yes, it's true: Copyranter has spotted an American ad for sanitary napkins that depicts a pad stained with a red substance rather than blue laundry detergent. Readers, we're glad to be with you on this momentous occasion, even if the "blood" is actually just a tidy little dot.



My boyfriend is a copywriter. I often ask him why ads targeted toward women are so patronizing, so unfunny, so generally awful. He responds that he doesn't know because fem care ad teams are staffed overwhelmingly by women. (Femme care is the term he uses - I don't know if he means just pads, tampons & douches only or pads, tampons & douches plus the horrible cleaning product commercials - I'm talkin' to you, Swiffer.) LADIES - why are you doing this to us? Does the client want you to talk down to the rest of us? I get that - boyfriend has to compromise a lot for stubborn clients. But come on. Stick to your guns. I'd run to purchase a cleaning product if the brand's advertising didn't assume women were unamusing, lame bores. Even though I don't wear pads, I'm almost tempted to run out and buy some Always just in appreciation of this ad.