In Fashion, Black Is Still the New Black

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Want to remain forever in vogue? Well, then you're going to be wearing a lot of black, says Lucky magazine editor Eva Chen.

"It's an urban uniform to wear black and dark colors," Chen said. "I look at the way I dress and how my editors dress, and there are days when people look super New Yorky."

Here are the rest of CNN's fashionable secrets: build on black, treat neutral colors like dark colors and (sometimes) punctuate with bold colors. Oh, and buying the same pieces a bunch of times in different colors or fabrics is totally acceptable. My many chambray shirts, leather jackets and Converse are breathing multiple sighs of relief.

"It's easy for me, when I'm shopping, to rationalize a little black dress, a blazer or a motorcycle jacket," said Janelle Lloyd of the street fashion and decor blog Girls Off Fifth. "I have three of each of those things in my closet. Those are things you're going to throw on every day and look chic and look classic and wear for a lot of different occasions."


Also included are tips to go from day-to-night because without cars, every city girl's purse is also their mobile closet. No wonder we're all lugging around these suitcases disguised as fashion — but seriously, no sane working girl is changing clothes for after-work drinks. And we should all be treating gray as a "color."

I hate to say it — or maybe I love it — but the rise of J.Crew's bright palettes allow me to relive my middle school Cross Colours rainbow greatness. I've got three pairs of green pants, a yellow skirt and red jeans that I wear regularly without shame, so...I guess I'm unfashionable? Who cares, these many green bottoms are happening and you know:

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