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Not into schadenfreude? Better stop reading now. Everyone else, get ready to rub your palms together and cackle: Planned Parenthood saw a near perfect return on its election spending, while conservative groups spent enough to make Donald Trump blush but have little to show for it.


According to The Hill, the Sunlight Foundation reported that Planned Parenthood's advocacy arm and super-PAC spent about $5 million and $7 million, respectively, to fight Republicans and support Democrats this election cycle. The two groups saw returns on investment of about 98 and 99 percent. That's amazingly impressive.

ON THE OTHER HAND: conservative groups failed to effectively raise money in a MASSIVE way. Americans for Tax Reform had one of the highest returns of any conservative groups at 57 percent.


The best part of the Sunlight Foundation's findings? American Crossroads, Karl Rove's 527 organization, had a rate of return of 1.3 percent.


Planned Parenthood's political arm played a huge role in the general election this year, since Republicans consistently went out of their way to pledge to take away its federal funding if elected. Ah, sweet irony. And justice. And affordable reproductive health care.

Analysis: Planned Parenthood saw near perfect return on election spending [The Hill]

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