In Awards Speech, Jim Carrey Jogs a Distant Memory of a Pre-Trump World

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Jim Carrey’s leading the gossip round-up today because he delivered a sobering speech on Friday night about how much entertainment media has fucked up America. While accepting the British Academy’s Charlie Chaplin Award for Humor, he invoked the story of how Charlie Chaplin channelled his personal suffering into empathy for the oppressed. He told the audience that Chaplin, whose mother was committed to an asylum when he was 14 and whose father was absent, had imagined the Tramp’s funny walk as a person who suffered from blisters from having worn holes in his shoes: which is to say that art and comedy originate from an ability to care about other people. He says that the lack of that kind of empathy in our programming has helped land us with this real life Aldous Huxley hell society:

“We in America are misinformed,” he said. “Reality shows have warped our idea of what a hero is, or what the truth is.”

He added:

Shamelessness is not nor will ever be a superpower. It is the mark of a villain. Kidnapping children is not what great nations do. Almost half of America at this moment believes there is a sinister deep state diabolically plotting to… what? Give them healthcare?


Carrey dedicated the award to Christine Blasey Ford; Colin Kaepernick; Robert De Niro, one of several left-wing Trump critics who was mailed a bomb this week; and Christopher Steele, who authored the dossier which contributed to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Meanwhile, fucking Kanye is capitalizing on this with shirts advertising “Blexit”–“Black Exit” from the Democratic party–starting at $25. Candace Owens, leader of the black conservative group Turning Point USA, is calling it a “movement” and promises that in 2019 they’ll be “holding rallies in every major city in America that the Democrats have destroyed”–destroyed!!!!!!!!!–such as Chicago and Philadelphia, in all seriousness.

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