In A Christmas Prince Trailer, Woman Must Choose Between Royal Title and Her Blog

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There need to be movies on the airplane’s roster you scroll right past in order to make your ultimate choice feel like a prince charming and not just…The Aviator.


The trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding—sequel to the 2017 romantic film A Christmas Prince—is out from Netflix (it premiers on November 30). In this chapter, we find Amber, the Meghan Markle character, torn between who she was (a journalist with a blog) and who she will become (a princess with a husband). Her every move is being scrutinized and it’s suggested she might wear an ugly veil at her wedding due to the traditions of the country her fiancé’s family rules (I think she says “Aldovia”??).

No easy choices here. But the situation grows even more dire in a scene where a royal handler informs Amber, “I suggest you cease from any activity pertaining to your blog immediately.” Sounds like a little more than a suggestion if you ask me. She’s being forced to surrender who she is! Hardly worth ruling a “small county.” Next they will probably demand she deletes her Facebook, which she only uses to apartment hunt anyway, but that is a precious part of her identity and basically her entire personality.

Enjoy the trailer! My favorite part is when the prince gallops to Amber’s side to apologize—presumably for tacitly agreeing she should stop blogging. Why have I never had this fantasy before?

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I’m just so grateful to see a Netflix movie that FINALLY reflects my own personal experience.