In 2019, You Might Be Able to Make Your Face Look Like Lady Gaga's

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I have spent a surprising amount of time thinking about Lady Gaga’s face this year, perhaps because a certain film kept trying to suggest there was something wrong with it—that it was a face meant to be overcome—even though it seems like a perfectly normal and good face. Whatever the case, come 2019 it’s possible we can all make our faces look more like Gaga’s, as it appears she may soon be launching a cosmetics company.

Page Six reports that on Monday, Gaga debuted a new website titled Haus Beauty, and though currently the site only offers an email signup, it’s likely connected to a “Haus Beauty” trademark Gaga’s company filed earlier this year. That trademark, according to Page Six, covers the full cosmetics spectrum—makeup, perfume, etc.—and the tabloid suspects it may roll out a Fenty-esque line any day now.


If this beauty line does manifest, I’m curious to see what’s on offer. Though Gaga’s toned down her look of late, it wasn’t all that long ago she donned glitter eyebrows and, like, meat lipstick. #TBT to blood-colored eye socket regal wear:

Image: via Getty

Anyway, what I’m saying is, if she sold it, I wouldn’t say no. Smokey eyes and demure lips can stay in 2018, but I want 2009 Gaga in 2019. Bring on the blood!

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