In 1993 Mila Kunis Was Stuck on Lisa Frank

This commercial was taped circa 1993, although 9-year-old Mila Kunis's enthusiasm is reminiscent of an earlier, more coked-up era: the Eighties. Mila will never forget the day she got stuck on Lisa Frank, you guys. A simpler time, before Jackie met Kelso. Awesome! Bee tee dubs, Lisa Frank is back, so all of your pens and notebooks can look like that time Homer Simpson tripped on Insanity Peppers. What more can I say?





I was never really into Lisa Frank as a kid, except for one thing. When my mother married into my step-father's family, I felt seriously isolated because it had gone from just being me and her to me, her, and a massive clan that all lived nearby. The first year we had a family reunion I was six, and I remember sitting off to one side by myself watching literally dozens of cousins and brothers and sisters all running around and playing with each other. I was really lonely and too shy to go over and play with them.

And then one of my step-father's cousins, who had just gone off to college, comes trotting over to me with this MASSIVE photo album and says she has something she wants me to have. It's actually a sticker album she's kept for like... fifteen years. It's huge. It has everything in it. And this was the first time I'd met her. She even brought me like twelve packs of Lisa Frank stickers so I could add to it right away... and I later found out she had gone out and gotten all this specifically for me because she knew I'd be there and wanted to make sure I felt like I was part of the family.

The marriage didn't work out and I never really saw much of her after that, but I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for Lisa Frank stickers because of her gesture and that day.