Impressively Douchey People are Tweeting Photos of Their Unsuspecting One-Night Stands

Men (and some women) across the United Kingdom are gleefully tweeting photos of unsuspecting one-night stands, thanks to Geordie Shore's (the UK version of the MTV show that needs no introduction) Gaz, who is sadly but unsurprisingly a role model for many idiots.


"How many people r doing the walk of shame hahahaha #wakeupwitharandom #awkwardtaxihome" he tweeted last Sunday to his ~500,000 followers. His minions complied, and Gaz retweeted many of the photos (which he has since deleted.) "Loved #BedOfShame #awkwardsundays," he said, as the topics trended. "Defo doing it again next week yer?"

The creepy virtual slumber party came to a halt when The Sun caught wind of the trend and other UK newspapers followed suit. Today Gaz deleted all of the photos and comments off his Twitter feed and apologized: "I'm truly sorry for my behaviour on Twitter I know I‘ve let you down. I've deleted the photos and comments and please will you do the same."

If you search for #bedofshame now you'll find more tweets about the controversy than actual photos of the unknowing and asleep. But you'll also find a bevy of tweets from people pissed that Gaz was "forced" to apologize for having fun with girls who totally deserve what they get because they're slutty enough to sleep with guys on the first date. It goes without saying that no one deserves to be publicly shamed for having a one-night stand under any circumstances, but it's kind of hilarious/depressing that these rational geniuses also seem to have forgotten that they know absolutely nothing about the women in the photos. It doesn't matter! If a guy tweeted their pic with #bedofshame, they're obviously all dumb whores.


"If these girls weren't so easy then they wouldn't end up in #bedofshame," one dude mansplained. "People have to remember that the so called victims of #bedofshame made the decision to have a one night stand..#consequences," another woman tweeted. It's like my mother always told me: don't sleep with a guy on the first date because he might take a photo of you while you're sleeping and send it to a reality TV show B-list celebrity.

Shameful Sex Pics are Trending on Twitter [The Sun]

(Images via Twitter.)

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