I'm Sorry, What?

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"It's Fanning's movie: You can taste the ex–child actor's relish for playing "jailbait." But can she be ogled in good conscience? The taste is sweet and sour."- NYMag's David Edelstein, on The Runaways. [NYMag]


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Will men ever stop using women as projection screens? This is a serious question. I remember being Fanning's age, and at no point did I think of myself as "jailbait". That's a totally male way of looking at female adolesence. A young woman's own view of the process by which she gradually moves towards adulthood, including sex, is a lot more complicated than lol old guys want to fuck me.

Can the girl not just make a movie about a band without some creepy asshole projecting his sexual issues all over her?

This kind of stuff makes me grouchy. Not only do men expect women to tolerate being objectified, they seem to expect us to objectify ourselves and see ourselves the way they do. If we object to this, they pout and whine. Really it's all remarkably childish. Learning the difference between oneself and others is supposed to occur sometime during childhood development, and I'm sick of seeing 30 and 40 year old men who still haven't quite grasped that distinction.