A beautiful bitch named Bailey gave birth to 19 African Boerboel puppies in April, and I haven’t been this inspired by a dog since Air Bud scored the winning shot and helped keep a family together.

The proud mama delivered most of her puppies via C-section (two have unfortunately died in the five weeks since being born), and was assisted by a heroic “multidisciplinary team of faculty veterinarians” at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.


Look at these talented women posing with Queen Bitch!

I Don’t Know How They Do It

Uh oh, it’s feeding time!

Aw it’s like Gawker Media on our monthly free lunch day.


“I know her,” said this puppy:

“I love you, Sparkle. I mean Buster. I mean Dolly. I mean Betty. I mean Henry. I mean Sally. I mean...”


And here are the happy siblings hanging out together!

These brothers and sisters get along so well because they’re still deaf and blind!


Auburn reports that “all of the puppies and mom are thriving with owners.” After we asked whether or not she’s planning on having more children, Bailey just looked at us with her wide, exhausted eyes and panted.

Images via Auburn University.