I'm Pretty Sure These Orangutans Are Trained to Grab Women's Breasts

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Orangutan’s are freaking terrifying. They can literally tear your appendages off, and I do not want them grabbing any handfuls of flesh on my body anywhere.

This video of a woman getting felt up at Bangkok’s Safari World was posted to Reddit Tuesday, and you better believe that commenters wish they were trained primates with the “freedom” to squeeze a random lady’s tatas:


Now, do we think the animals are trained to do this, or what? My suspicion is yes, because they seem to know what motions to go through when it’s picture taking time—pulling up their lips for a smile, giving hugs. And one of them is in a costume. You don’t get dressed up if you’re not putting on a show.

The trainers also direct the woman to put her hands out to the side, and the orangutan grins when he cops a feel like he knows what’s up. Yet, a boob means nothing to an orangutan. It’s just another place to rest your hand until the next batch of tourists come. (I realize I’m unfairly assuming that the orangutan is male, because you can train any gender to perpetrate sexual harassment for comedic effect.)

Screenshot via VidMe.

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