I'm On A Boat And It's Going Fast And I Got A Nautical-Themed Pashmina Afghan

Illustration for article titled Im On A Boat And Its Going Fast And I Got A Nautical-Themed Pashmina Afghan

[Sea Of Cortez, January 6. Image via Splash.]


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dear jezebel,

some of us are not as young/cool/cele-centric/unemployed as the legions of others who immediately recognize the sitters of your portraits. This does not mean, however, that we do not CARE to know. My curiosity is always piqued when you care enough to post a pic and yet...I feel consistently lame/let down/ignorant when I don't know who the heck the photo is of. Are you perpetrating some sort of elitist-paparazzi-paradigm shift, wherein it is not important to know who the celebrity in the photo is, unless of course you already know who the celebrity is ? If not, please POST THE NAMES OF ALL PEOPLE IN YOUR SNAP JUDGMENTS.

Or next time I'll just have to decide that instead of being lame, which is how you make me feel, my ignorance may in fact be an indication of my non-lameness.

thanks, xo.

ps- who are the people in that photo? and the blond one earlier today? and especially the group photo of people 2 weeks ago?